Jackson Crematory Services is family and locally owned. Please contact your funeral home provider for more details.

If you are a funeral home provider, please contact the crematory directly.

We work with funeral homes in Jackson and the surrounding area. Please contact Jackson Crematory Services for a private tour.

Visit us at 2110 Lansing Avenue to check out markers, monuments, urns and keepsakes that will help you remember your loved ones. 

  • Markers
  • Monuments
  • Urns
  • Keepsakes
  • Pet cremations and memorials
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Wide Selection of Monuments and Urns 

Cremation Services
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Choose the appropriate marker, memorial, keepsake, or frame from Jackson Crematory Services. We also have a large selection of urns including wood-lined, boxed, ceramic, and marble. 
Check Out Our Pet Services
Cremation Services

Custom Pet Cremations and Memorials

Keep the spirit of your pet alive with our pet urns, keepsakes, memorials, and granite markers. Rest assured knowing that our products are available to you at a fair price. In fact, we are 20% less expensive than our competition. 

Feel comfortable with our caring staff. Call 517-499-0008 today! 
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